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Safeguard Measure Imposed on Synthetic Filament Yarn Imports

Ministry of Trade of Turkey imposed safeguard measure on imports of synthetic filament yarns classified under customs codes 5402.31, 5402.32, 5402.45, 5402.51 and 5402.61. According to the regulation of the Ministry, published on 22 October 2019, safeguard duties shall be as follows:

For products imported under 5402.31, 5402.32, 5402.51 and 5402.61:

First year: 0,30 USD/Kg, Second year: 0,29 USD/Kg, Third year: 0,28 USD/Kg.

For products imported under 5402.45:

First year: 0,10 USD/Kg, Second year: 0,09 USD/Kg, Third year: 0,08 USD/Kg.


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