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Turkey imposed safeguard duties on wall paper imports

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Ministry of Trade completed safeguard investigation on imports of wallpapers and other wall coverings classified under customs codes 4814., 4814. and 4814. According to the Presidential Decision, published in the official gazette on 10 August 2018, application term and additional duties imposed are as follows:

Period Duty

6.8.2018-5.8.2019 3,75 USD/Kg

6.8.2019-5.8.2020 3,50 USD/Kg

6.8.2020-5.8.2021 3,25 USD/Kg

The Trade Ministry of Turkey also opened a tariff quota for developing countries, total amount of which will be 1043 tons for each one year period (347 tons maximum for a developing country in each period). The Decision entered into force starting from 6.8.2018.


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